Today we’re talking about a BIG GAME–it’s big because you can build big things in it, and it’s big because a huge number of people play it. It’s Minecraft! Guided by our expert, Anne Ladyem McDivitt, we explore why Minecraft is so cool, and how big it really is. Plus we got some help from you, our listeners! (Even cooler: we’ve got actual Minecraft music, from C418. Thanks, C418!)

Guest bio: Anne Ladyem McDivitt

Anne Ladyem McDivitt is an Assistant Professor and the Digital Humanities Librarian at the University of Alabama. She is the author of the first book in De Gruyter’s Video Games and the Humanities series, Hot Tubs and Pac-Man: Gender and the Early Video Game Industry in the United States. Her research focuses on the history of video games, including the video game industry and media, with a particular interest in gender. You can follow her at or on Twitter @anneladyem.