Airships are giant balloons with engines! They’ve been used for recreation, espionage, defense, and more. Our guest Brett Holman tells us about these giant airborne vehicles, and what happens when people get a little bit too paranoid about them…

Guest bio: Brett Holman

Dr Brett Holman is a historian from Melbourne, Australia, graduating with a PhD in history from the University of Melbourne in 2009 and then teaching history at the University of New England (Australia). He researches and writes about what people thought and felt about aviation in Britain, Australia and New Zealand in the early 20th century – from fearing a “knock-out blow from the air” to enjoying the spectacle of flight as entertainment. Brett’s first book, The Next War in the Air: Britain’s Fear of the Bomber, 1908-1941, was published in 2014, and he has been blogging at Airminded since 2005:


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Footage of the Hindenburg disaster:

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